Our pricing for immigration case preparation is extremely reasonable & highly competitive.We are experienced immigration attorneys working on your cases; this is not just a simple form filling immigration law software.Immigration-case-preparation

The pricing for immigration case preparation reflects 1/3 or less of the standard rates for immigration cases. The overhead includes the cost of dealing with clients, government follow-ups, and so on. Our philosophy is that 1/3 of your revenue should be appied toward your overhead, 1/3 for conducting the work, and 1/3 should be your profit.

Although this page will demonstrate some standard immigration cases, if you have any special requests or would like pricing on volume work, please call (214) 329-1287 or e-mail us: Contact@ImmigrationCasePrep.com

We provide you with intakes that you can personalize with your company data (Word format). When clients fill them out and fax or e-mail them to you, you then simply forward them to us

We prepare sophisticated business plans for your E and L clients. These include research, SWOT and Key Success Factor analysis, as well as 3-year financial projections. $1995+

If you wish pricing on any other case or volume pricing, please call 214-329-1287. Thank you.

Payment is one half at inception, and a post-dated check dated two weeks later for the second half. If we keep bookkeeping costs down we don’t have to raise our prices.

RUSH Services:

Cases guaranteed under 15 days’ preparation have rush charges, as listed in our contract.

Pricing for Immigration Case Preparation:


H1s with fully supporting Westlaw-researched legal brief $1295
I130s/485/765/G325 +++ $595
Es & Ls with brief $2495
Os & Ps with brief $2495 (Motion to Re-open, Reconsider, or Appeal)
Ks with brief $1195
Any Waiver brief $2495+ (per issue)
H3s with brief $1695
Appeals (Circuit Court add $995) $2595+
EB 1 Extraordinary Ability $2595+
EB 2 National Interest Waiver $2595+
RFE replies $250 per hour; caps available
PERMs & H2s We no longer create PERMs or H2s
EB5s $3500+
Family members
(each additional person for any case)

We do not simply prepare the forms for your immigration case preparation. Most cases have a full memorandum of law/legal brief tying the facts of the case to the current immigration law, helping you to win quickly and effortlessly, as well as cutting down on RFEs.

We provide exhibit tabs, “sign here” directions, and a cover letter; simply add the filing fee! We are productive because we don’t deal with calls and e-mails from public clients; we leave this to your competent office.

Call us at (214) 329-1287 if you have any questions concerning our pricing for immigration case preparation. We are here to help you!

You do not compromise on quality; our success record speaks for itself. Our belief is that 

If We Can’t Win Your Case It Probably Can’t Be Won™

What are you going to do with all the extra time you will have on your hands… will life be different for you? For your spouse and children?